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Latest lunchtime & teatime results live. Twice daily draw that takes place in United Kingdom. Next draw

49s LUNCH on 1st

1 3 17 26 31 34 | 38

On Wednesday, 1st of September '21

Filling in your game card

Select up to five numbers from 1 to 49. You can either choose your own numbers or opt for a Lucky Dip.

Specify which game you'd like to play - Lunchtime or Teatime.

State how many days you want to play for, up to a maximum of seven. Leave that part blank if you are just playing the next available draw.

You can enter right up to the game's official start time.

Finding the right draw time

Weekday Drawn
Monday Yes
Tuesday Yes
Wednesday Yes
Thursday Yes
Friday Yes
Saturday Yes
Sunday Yes

Familiarizing with the odds

No. picked Odds of 6 Odds of 7
Picked 1 1/6 1/7
Picked 2 1/60 1/40
Picked 3 1/650 1/400
Picked 4 1/10000 1/5000
Picked 5 1/150000 1/50000

Rules & best practices

The rules have been compiled in consultation with the industry and represent the rules you will find in most game shops.

However, some rules do vary. You are therefore advised to check with your game shop before entering the game.